Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

We got the chance to go to an event tonight at this fun, indoor, water park. Our friend, Andrea, volunteers her time for Big Brother/Big Sisters of Arlington. Tonight, they were honoring these volunteers by an evening out with your families. Andrea invited us to go and the only thing that would have made this night better would have been for her to come too! We thank you so much, we had a great time and we loved swimming in January.

For some reason, gates wanted her pic taken with this kid. She didn't play with him, talk to him, but he is a doll.

my 2 guys liked it. Alan loved this place. Makes me excited for the summer.

gates was brave. Loved the thrill slides.
Water lover

Old friends

These girls have been friends since college. Amanda's dad passed away recently and so we wanted to get together and just celebrate his life and let her know we love her. There were some special guys present but they didn't want to be photographs.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

DECEMBER brought a lot of fun days and nights.
Here is a picture of Gates, Katherine, and Hayley. They are the kids of Anne Marie, and she is not into baby beauty queens. Her little Katherine was Vixen the reindeer in a play. Gates and I went to watch her very good performance. Little cutie.

Christmas morning Skype with the Oakleys
the trains at Northpark. Alan liked watching all of the action.
Preschool Chistmas party.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alan turned one on november 29. We had a train party for him the first weekend in December. I hadn't gotten my new camera yet, so my pictures are limited, but here are a few!

this birthday boy LOVES cake!
This was the front of the thank you notes I sent out.
The birthday boy and grandeur in the train.
a picture of the train. It was fun. Even in the rain...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I photographed before I had bambinos.

I am trying to learn how topmost pictures to my blog via my iPad. While attempting to learn how, I (Jenny). Discovered I already had a photobucket account. Here are the pictures that were in it. Here are the subjects of my photography before I had kiddos!

Amy, sitting so close to dunc. Maybe she's the one responsible for the next picture... ;)
drunk dunc

Kristin, preburke

My dad playing at pf changs

lovely Gods and Goddesses under the influence.

winged raptor

Brandon's surprise 30th birthday party. Mark under the mask. Although everyone was sporting Brandon masks!

Courtnee prekid when she flew... ;)